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Preparedness Assessment

Disasters happen. Nearly all of us have either been personally affected by a natural disaster or know of someone personally who has. As horrific as the 'day of disaster' is, for many people, it is the following days, weeks, months or longer that bears witness to the real disaster. We frequently see the stories from people hit by a natural disaster who say, "I've lost everything; I don't know what I am going to do."

However, there are things we can do, prior to the disaster, that can minimize the longterm consequense of being struck by a disaster. With a little planning and preparation, there are several things that can be done to enable the process of 'starting over' to be of much less pain.

The purpose of the Preparedness Assessment is to help you see how prepared you currently are in seven critical areas of life:
  • Food and water
  • Location
  • Health
  • Plants and animals
  • Security
  • Fuel and power
  • Bartering
The issues here range from simply being a matter of inconvience (loss of important papers) to life threatening (no water for days).

Click here to take test.

Upon completion of the Preparedness Assessment you will instantly receive a "Scorecard" showing how prepared you are in each category with a graphical analysis displaying which of the following zones you are in: 1) Safe, 2) Caution, or 3) Danger.

After completing the assessment and retrieving your Scorecard, return to the site, www.preparationgrid.com and click on the Training Materials tab to learn of numerous action steps you can take to be in the 'safe zone' for each category.

The cost of the Preparedness Assessment is only $7.50 which can be paid via PayPal or major CC, a very small price to pay that could literally save you hundreds or thousands of dollars should you be struck by a disaster. Click on the Registration link to start the process of being 'well prepared.'